ADGO FAQs2019-05-15T10:40:50-07:00
What is eLobby?2019-05-15T10:53:17-07:00

eLobby is a revolutionary system that utilizes state-of-the-art technology in small community demographics to provide the medical and dental offices a neighborhood feel, with referrals, recommendations, and promotions to meet the needs of their neighborhood demographics.

eLobby, an in-office advertising program for the medical and dental industry, utilizing geospatial technology to benefit local practices with the resources of the manufacturers that they trust. The private CDN (Content Delivery Network) provides relevant local information for patients in the waiting/reception areas.

In-house and network uses include:

  • Introduction of staff
  • Presenting specials and discounts
  • Local business information and services
  • Offer trusted manufacturer specials and promotions*

*As a private content delivery network, ADGO is not restricted to FCC regulations. 

What are the eLobby benefits to my medical or dental practice?2019-04-26T07:41:24-07:00

Whether yours is a new or established practice, the business of marketing your practice is a serious matter.  eLobby helps you gain new patients as well as promoting up-sales to current patients.

eLobby increases your marketing reach to your community and gives your advertising dollars more reach by sharing the advertising costs within your private network, your message is not only seen on your waiting room big screen, but those neighboring offices’ big screens as well.
With sponsorships and advertising by associated manufacturers, now the cost of promotions within your office drop significantly. No longer will you need to pull staff away from their jobs to help promote add-on sales. Our private CDN does the promotions for you.
Have a new staff member? New promotion? New equipment? Introductions can be made to your patients as they wait.
Integrated with TEXT MESSAGING … through all the participating network screens, new patients are as close to booking with a simple text code.
Discover the NEW way to get business the old-fashion way: Referrals through eLobby.
What are the Benefits to Joining the eLobby Network?2019-04-26T08:14:06-07:00

As a savvy member of the eLobby Marketing Network, you recognize the value of word-of-mouth marketing and referrals. Consider those in your network as trusted partners to help promote your services and promotions. All within the private CDN share content that you and your manufacturing partners provide. These benefits include:

  • In-house promotion
  • Building  awareness of your in-house services
  • Personalized messages to include your staff and promotions
  • Elevates your office in the eyes of clients
  • Manufacturing ads personally acknowledge your office/staff
  • Provides an avenue partner manufacturers to promote specials for your offerings
  • Provides interactive marketing direct to your community via TXT MSG
  • Customizable advertising to meet your goals
  • Cross-marketing opportunities with private network of local businesses
  • Entertains your patients
  • Testimonial placement / more referrals
  • Resource of passive income
How Does a Dentist Make Money from eLobby?2019-04-26T08:11:38-07:00

eLobby is set up for all partners to excel. The first benefit for the Dental Practice is to gain trusted referrals from participating partner practices. Your ads, promotions, patient testimonials, and other in-house content is fed through the private network to partner offices. This builds recognition of your practice, and referral trust to new potential patients.

The second benefit is through the buying power of  manufacturers that you work with and trust, is the ability for their advertising to include your practice information to their ads. For example: If you provide dentures … then a main denture manufacturer can offer a pricing special for that service and provide a TXT MSG code across the network to your practice.

The third benefit is that you receive passive income from all the network partners’ ads that you accept through your office. Each time an advertisement is played by a manufacturer or partner practice, advertising dollars are provided to your account.

What are the Benefits to Manufacturing Partners of eLobby?2019-04-26T09:05:19-07:00

As a trusted manufacturer of products used by our partner practices, you have a great role to play in eLobby. You have an opportunity to speak directly to the patients of your practices, by providing quality offering that include the local practice.

  • Direct grassroots marketing to target consumer group
  • A/B market opportunities with controlled segmented ad rollouts
  • Controls brand in ads and marketing
  • Demographic information
  • Dominate the vendor niche in network
  • Dental practice and group sponsorships available
  • Builds brand awareness and recognition to targeted market
  • Cross-promotes with your dental clients
  • Instills a solid partnership and builds loyalty with Dental group
  • Increased exposure
  • More referrals
  • Resource of passive income
What equipment do I already need at my clinic to use eLobby?2019-05-15T08:27:00-07:00

All the equipment needed is internet and a TV! eLOBBY quickly and easily connects to your TV in your clinic lobby or waiting room.

How do I set up my ads/videos on eLobby?2019-05-15T08:43:24-07:00

Set up of ads and videos are done through ADGO customer service then sent direclty to your location. Then eLobby Digital Delivery System will show ads and videos on the connected displays throughout your office and network.